Clove VS On Cloud Shoes: Which One Should You Choose?

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Clove vs on cloud shoes

Clove VS On Cloud Shoes: Which One Should You Choose?

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A good pair of shoes not only makes us look great but also helps us feel comfortable while doing daily activities like walking in parks or breaking sweats during workouts. Our choice of footwear plays a major role in determining our overall wellness wherever life takes us- work or play!

In this article, I will compare two leading shoe brands- Clove vs On Cloud shoes- by examining their design aspects with special emphasis on their ability to provide ultimate comfort levels as well as enhance performance benefits during various activities depending on your preferences.

If you don’t want to miss out, make sure to stay until the end. But before that, let me take you back to the historical aspects of Clove VS On Cloud.

History And Background: Clove VS On Cloud Shoes

Let’s delve into the captivating world of Clove VS On Cloud shoes, where we’ll take a moment to explore the rich history and background of these renowned footwear brands.

With a wide range of shoes that prioritize comfort, support, and style, Clove and On Cloud has undoubtedly emerged as a prominent name in the industry.

Clove Shoes

Clove’s inception was the brainchild of a group of passionate individuals who shared an unwavering vision: to create footwear that harmoniously blends ergonomic design with aesthetic appeal.

The brand embarked on its journey by conducting extensive research and development, focusing on understanding the biomechanics of the foot and how it interacts with different surfaces.

On Cloud Shoes

The world of running shoes is constantly evolving with new designs and technologies.

One brand that stands out is Cloud Shoes, which was created by a group of passionate athletes and engineers.

They shared a common goal – to develop footwear that delivers an exceptional running experience, boasting cutting-edge technology, lightweight design, and superior cushioning for enhanced performance.

With their innovative approach, Cloud Shoes has become a game-changer in the industry.

Major Differences: Clove VS On Cloud Shoes

To help make the decision-making process easier, here I am providing a detailed comparison table summarizing the key differences between Clove VS On Cloud shoes.

FeaturesClove ShoesOn Cloud Shoes
ComfortExceptional support and cushioningResponsive cushioning, lightweight feel
CustomizationCustomizable features and personalized fit optionsAdaptive fit and comfort
Shock AbsorptionAdvanced shock-absorbing technologyCloudTec® technology for impact reduction
BreathabilityVentilation features for enhanced airflowBreathable construction and moisture-wicking properties
DurabilitySturdy construction for long-lasting performanceDurable materials and outsole design
DesignStylish options with a diverse range of stylesSleek and modern design choices
PriceMay have a higher price rangeCan be pricey compared to some alternatives
AvailabilityWidely availableAvailability may be limited for certain styles
ActivitySuitable for various sports and workoutsVersatile for running and active lifestyle
Arch SupportGood support and customization optionsLimited arch support
Toe BoxStandard width optionsNarrow toe box may not suit wider feet

Performance And Comfort: Clove VS On Cloud Shoes

When it comes to choosing the perfect footwear that strikes a balance between comfort and performance, you must consider the shoes’ ability to absorb impact and resist shock.

Fortunately, both Clove and Cloud Shoes have taken innovative strides in this aspect by incorporating advanced technologies that cater to this crucial factor. This will result in enjoying an elevated level of protection as well as an overall more comfortable experience.

Clove Shoes’ Shock-Absorbing Technology

Clove shoes are well-known for their innovative technology that effectively absorbs shock.

The brand incorporates a variety of design elements and materials to ensure optimal impact absorption and resistance to shock. 

Their aim is to minimize the strain on your feet, joints, and muscles during activities that involve repetitive impact like walking or running, thus keeping you comfortable and safe.

Clove achieves this by strategically placing cushioning materials within the shoes in the form of specialized midsole materials or additional padding around sensitive areas, providing a supportive and cushioned environment for your feet.

This technology helps reduce discomfort, fatigue, and injuries caused by repetitive impact forces. 

Moreover, Clove’s shock-absorbing technology provides a balanced distribution of impact forces across the entire foot. By evenly dispersing the shock, it minimizes its effect on specific pressure points while promoting natural fluid motion.

Cloud Shoes‘ Responsive Cushioning

On the other hand, Cloud shoes prioritize responsive cushioning as an effective means of addressing impact absorption and shock resistance.

This allows you to move with confidence regardless of your activity. 

CloudTec, their unique technology plays a significant role in providing a responsive stride with highly-compressed cloud-like pods that absorb shock upon impact. 

The responsive cushioning in Cloud shoes enhances comfort while aiding energy return as cloud-like pods compress and release converting impact forces into forward propulsion which boosts performance helping maintain momentum throughout activities and leading to an efficient experience. 

Additionally, Cloud shoes’ responsive cushioning contributes to lightweight construction using supportive yet light materials ensuring adequate protection without weighing you down making them popular among individuals seeking dynamic comfort footwear options.

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Breathability And Moisture Management: Clove VS On Cloud Shoes

Breathability And Moisture Management: Clove VS On Cloud Shoes

When it comes to footwear, ensuring comfort and preventing discomfort caused by excessive sweating is crucial.

Breathability and moisture management are two essential factors that play a significant role in achieving this goal.

Both Clove and Cloud shoes have implemented innovative features to address these factors, enhancing airflow and moisture-wicking capabilities for a more enjoyable wearing experience.

Clove Shoes’ Ventilation Features

Clove shoes prioritize breathability by incorporating various ventilation features that promote airflow to keep your feet cool and dry.

The brand understands the importance of maintaining proper airflow within the shoe, particularly during activities that generate heat and moisture.

The brand achieves breathability through the thoughtful design of the shoe’s upper materials.

Clove uses breathable fabrics and mesh panels strategically placed in areas where heat tends to build up, such as the toe box and sides of the shoe. These materials allow air to circulate freely, preventing excessive heat and sweat accumulation.

Furthermore, Clove pays attention to the lining of its shoes by incorporating breathable linings that enhance moisture management by allowing sweat to evaporate quickly. This helps minimize discomfort caused by dampness while reducing the risk of odor or bacterial growth.

By working together, Clove Shoes’ ventilation features maintain a cool and dry environment for your feet throughout the day for an all-around more comfortable wearing experience.

On Cloud Shoes’ Moisture-Wicking Properties

On Cloud shoes prioritize managing sweat effectively as a means of maintaining a dry interior for maximum comfort.

The brand understands how crucial it is to manage moisture properly, especially for individuals engaging in high-intensity activities or spending extended periods on their feet.

To achieve this goal effectively, Cloud selects materials known for their exceptional moisture-wicking properties.

The upper materials are often engineered explicitly with these properties in mind – drawing away from the foot’s moisture so it can evaporate quickly without causing any discomfort or irritation.

In addition, Cloud incorporates antimicrobial treatments into its materials. These treatments help control odor-causing bacteria, further enhancing freshness and comfort.

By combining moisture-wicking properties with antimicrobial treatments, Cloud shoes strive to maintain a clean and odor-free environment.

This ensures that your feet feel dry, fresh, and comfortable throughout the day – even during intense physical activities.

Design And Style: Clove VS On Cloud Shoes

When it comes to footwear, design, and style are critical factors that influence our overall satisfaction and self-expression. Clove and Cloud Shoes are two brands that have distinct design elements and style options catering to different preferences and occasions.

Let’s delve into the details of their unique approaches. 

Clove Shoes’ Aesthetic Appeal And Variety

Clove Shoes prioritize aesthetic appeal, recognizing that style is an integral part of the overall shoe experience.

The brand offers a diverse range of designs, ensuring wearers have options that suit their individual tastes and preferences. 

With various styles from casual slip-ons to athletic sneakers and formal loafers, Clove embraces versatility, catering to different occasions and fashion sensibilities.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek minimalistic design or a bold vibrant pattern, Clove offers options that allow you to express your personal style. 

The brand also pays attention to details such as decorative stitching, embossed logos, and unique color combinations that enhance the visual appeal of its shoes. These design details contribute to a sense of craftsmanship while elevating the overall aesthetic value of Clove shoes

Moreover, Clove understands everyone has different foot shapes/sizes.

To cater for this diversity they offer multiple width options ensuring better fitment and accommodating a more diverse customer base. 

Cloud Shoes’ Sleek And Modern Design Options

Cloud Shoes are known for their sleek modern designs embodying a contemporary aesthetic. The brand takes pride in creating shoes delivering performance while exuding style & sophistication. 

Cloud often features clean streamlined silhouettes showcasing sleek lines with understated elegance; this minimalist approach allows Cloud shoes to seamlessly integrate into different outfits/occasions – from casual wear to more formal settings. 

In addition to sleek designs Cloud often incorporates modern innovative materials utilizing high-quality fabrics/cutting-edge technologies creating visually striking technologically advanced footwear collections reflecting this commitment to keeping at the forefront of design/style trends. 

Last but not least color palettes can’t be left out as Cloud provides choices aligning with contemporary fashion trends – whether classic neutrals/bold vibrant hues/subtle pastel tones,

Cloud shoes provide options that allow you to make a statement or achieve an understated look depending on your personal style. 

Durability And Longevity: Clove VS On Cloud Shoes

Durability And Longevity: Clove VS On Cloud Shoes

When investing in a pair of shoes, durability, and longevity are important considerations. We want footwear that can withstand daily wear and tear, providing us with long-lasting performance and value for our money.

Both Clove and Cloud shoes prioritize durability and longevity through different approaches. 

Let’s examine their construction and wear resistance in detail.

Clove Shoes’ Construction And Durability

Clove shoes are known for their meticulous construction, emphasizing durability to ensure that their footwear can withstand the demands of daily use.

The brand utilizes high-quality materials and employs reliable manufacturing techniques to create shoes that are built to last.

These materials are chosen for their strength, resilience, and ability to withstand the rigors of various activities. By using quality materials, Clove enhances the overall durability and lifespan of its shoes.

Moreover, Clove shoes are constructed with a focus on longevity. The brand prioritizes sturdy stitching and reinforcement in areas that are prone to stress and wear, such as the toe box, heel, and outsole.

This attention to detail ensures that the shoes maintain their structural integrity even after prolonged use, minimizing the risk of premature damage or deterioration.

Additionally, Clove shoes often incorporate features that enhance durability.

This may include reinforced rubber outsoles for improved traction and resistance to abrasion, as well as protective toe caps or heel counters to guard against impact and extend the lifespan of the shoes.

Through their meticulous construction and utilization of durable materials, Clove shoes aim to provide wearers with footwear that can withstand the test of time, offering long-lasting durability and performance.

On Cloud Shoes’ Longevity And Wear Resistance

On Cloud shoes prioritize longevity and wear resistance, recognizing the importance of creating shoes that can endure frequent use and maintain their performance over time.

Clove pays careful attention to the selection of materials, using robust fabrics, genuine leather, and durable synthetic components.

The brand employs various techniques and materials to enhance the durability of its footwear.

On Cloud shoes often incorporate durable and wear-resistant outsole materials.

The brand understands that the outsole is the first point of contact with the ground, making it susceptible to wear and tear. Therefore, they utilize high-quality rubber compounds or specialized materials known for their longevity and traction properties. This ensures that the shoes can withstand various surfaces and maintain their grip even after extensive use.

In addition, Cloud shoes focus on the overall construction of the shoe to enhance durability.

They utilize reinforced stitching and overlays in critical areas to prevent premature wear and tearing. This reinforces the shoe’s structure and reduces the risk of damage caused by frequent bending, flexing, and stretching.

Furthermore, Cloud shoes often undergo rigorous testing to ensure their durability.

The brand puts its footwear through extensive wear tests, simulating real-world conditions, and activities to assess its performance and longevity.

This quality assurance process allows Cloud to fine-tune its designs and materials, ensuring that wearers can rely on their shoes for long-lasting comfort and performance.

By prioritizing longevity and wear resistance, Cloud shoes aim to provide customers with footwear that remains reliable and supportive even after months or years of use, allowing wearers to enjoy their favorite activities without compromising on quality.

Customization And Fit: Clove VS On Cloud shoes

Customization And Fit: Clove VS On Cloud shoes

Finding the right fit is crucial for comfort and performance. Both Clove and Cloud shoes offer unique approaches to customization and fit, ensuring that wearers can personalize their shoes to suit their individual needs and preferences. 

Let’s delve into the details and explore their distinct features.

Clove Shoes’ Customizable Features And Personalized Fit

Clove shoes understand that each individual’s feet are unique, and providing a personalized fit is essential for overall comfort and satisfaction.

The brand offers various customizable features that allow you to adjust your shoes to meet your specific requirements.

One of the key customization options offered by Clove is the ability to choose different width options.

Recognizing that not all feet are the same width, Clove provides multiple width options, ensuring a better fit and accommodating a wider range of individuals.

This customization feature enhances both the functionality and comfort of Clove shoes, as a proper fit is essential for optimal support and performance.

Furthermore, Clove shoes often incorporate features that allow for individualized adjustments.

This may include adjustable straps, laces, or closures that enable you to fine-tune the fit according to your preferences. These customizable elements not only provide a personalized fit but also enhance the overall support and stability of the shoes.

Clove also offers additional customization options such as removable insoles or the ability to insert orthotic inserts. These features allow you to address specific foot conditions or add extra support if needed, ensuring that the shoes cater to individual comfort requirements.

By providing customizable features and a personalized fit, Clove shoes empower you to find your perfect match, allowing for a more comfortable and supportive experience.

On Cloud Shoes’ Adaptive Fit And Comfort

Cloud shoes prioritize an adaptive fit, aiming to create footwear that conforms to your feet for optimal comfort and performance. The brand incorporates various features and technologies to ensure a snug and adaptable fit.

One of the key elements of Cloud shoes’ adaptive fit is the use of innovative materials and construction techniques.

The brand often employs stretchable or flexible materials in strategic areas of the shoe, such as the upper or the collar.

These materials allow the shoes to adapt and mold to the shape of your feet, providing a personalized fit that feels secure yet comfortable.

Additionally, Cloud shoes incorporate technologies that enhance fit and comfort.

For instance, some models feature a sock-like construction or a seamless design that reduces friction and irritation. This seamless integration between the foot and the shoe creates a glove-like fit, ensuring that the shoes move with your feet and minimizing the risk of discomfort or blisters.

Furthermore, Cloud shoes often utilize cushioning systems or footbeds that offer a plush and responsive feel. These features contribute to overall comfort by providing support and shock absorption, allowing the shoes to adapt to different foot shapes and movements.

Cloud shoes also prioritize the elimination of pressure points.

The brand carefully considers the placement and design of closures, such as laces or straps, to distribute pressure evenly across the foot. This helps to prevent discomfort and hot spots, allowing for a more enjoyable and comfortable wearing experience.

By focusing on an adaptive fit and incorporating comfort-enhancing technologies, Cloud shoes aim to provide you with footwear that feels like an extension of your feet.

The shoes adapt to your movements and provide a supportive and comfortable fit throughout your various activities and daily wear.

Comparing Insole, Midsole, And Outsole: Clove VS On Cloud Shoes

The insole, midsole, and outsole are crucial components that impact comfort, support, and overall performance.

Let’s delve into a detailed comparison of these elements in Clove and On Cloud shoes to understand how each brand prioritizes these aspects and how they contribute to the overall shoe experience.


The insole plays a vital role in providing cushioning, support, and comfort to your foot.

It is the layer that directly comes in contact with the foot, and its quality and design significantly impact the overall feel of the shoe.

Clove Shoes

Clove shoes often feature removable insoles that allow for customization and personalization.

These insoles are designed with comfort and support in mind, utilizing materials that offer cushioning and shock absorption.

The brand understands the importance of a well-cushioned insole and often incorporates additional padding or contouring to provide enhanced comfort and alleviate pressure points.

Furthermore, Clove offers options for you with specific needs, such as orthotic-friendly insoles or insoles with arch support, catering to a wider range of foot types and providing customizable solutions for optimal comfort.

On Cloud Shoes

On Cloud, shoes are known for their proprietary CloudTec technology, which encompasses the insole and midsole components.

The insole in On Cloud shoes features specialized cushioning pods called “Clouds” that provide targeted cushioning and impact protection.

These Clouds are designed to compress upon landing and provide a responsive and cushioned feel.

The insole in On Cloud shoes is engineered to offer a comfortable and supportive fit, ensuring that you feel light and well-cushioned throughout your activities.


The midsole is located between the insole and outsole and is responsible for providing stability, shock absorption, and energy return.

It is a critical component that determines the overall comfort and performance of the shoe.

Clove Shoes

Clove shoes often incorporate advanced ergonomic technology in their midsole construction.

This technology aims to provide optimal support and cushioning, ensuring that the shoes offer a comfortable and responsive ride.

The brand utilizes high-quality midsole materials that offer excellent shock absorption and energy return, allowing for a smooth and efficient stride.

Additionally, Clove pays attention to midsole thickness and density, tailoring these aspects to specific shoe models and activities to provide the desired level of support and comfort.

On Cloud Shoes

On Cloud, shoes feature their signature CloudTec midsole technology, which utilizes individual Cloud elements.

These Clouds are designed to compress upon impact and then actively cushion the foot during the toe-off phase, providing a spring-like effect and responsive energy return.

The midsole in On Cloud shoes is engineered to offer a combination of cushioning and stability, allowing for a comfortable and supportive ride.

The CloudTec technology ensures that wearers experience a responsive and dynamic feel, making these shoes suitable for various activities and promoting an efficient stride.


Clove vs on cloud shoes Outsole

The outsole is the bottom layer of the shoe that comes in direct contact with the ground.

It is responsible for providing traction, durability, and protection.

Clove Shoes

Clove shoes often incorporate durable rubber outsoles that offer excellent traction and grip.

The brand pays attention to the pattern and design of the outsole, ensuring that it provides reliable traction on different surfaces.

The outsole in Clove shoes is built to be abrasion-resistant, with sturdy construction that can withstand daily wear and tear.

Additionally, Clove considers the flexibility and weight distribution of the outsole, ensuring that it allows for natural foot movement and a balanced stride.

On Cloud Shoes

On Cloud, shoes feature a unique outsole design that incorporates strategically placed Cloud elements.

These Clouds not only provide cushioning but also offer enhanced grip and traction.

The outsole in On Cloud shoes utilizes durable rubber compounds that are designed to be long-lasting and resistant to abrasion.

The pattern and lug configuration of the outsole is engineered to provide reliable traction on both dry and wet surfaces, ensuring stability and control during your various activities.

Real-Life Experience: Clove VS On Cloud Shoes

Real-Life Experience Clove VS On Cloud Shoes

I have had the pleasure of experiencing the remarkable benefits of Clove and On Cloud shoes firsthand.

Let me share with you some of my success stories and the positive impact that both shoes have had on my active lifestyle.

Clove Shoes

One of the key aspects that impressed me about Clove shoes was their advanced ergonomic technology. I have always had issues with finding shoes that properly support my arches and alleviate discomfort during high-impact activities. However, Clove Shoes provided me with the perfect solution. 

The combination of their customizable features and supportive materials allowed me to fine-tune the fit and cater to my specific foot needs. The result? Unparalleled comfort and stability, even during intense workouts and long-distance runs.

During my training for a marathon, I relied on Clove shoes to carry me through the grueling miles. The shock-absorbing technology embedded within the shoes’ design significantly reduced the impact on my joints, allowing me to push myself further without the fear of injury.

I noticed a considerable difference in my recovery time and overall performance. The shoes’ ability to provide exceptional cushioning while maintaining a lightweight feel gave me the confidence to conquer each stride with ease.

What truly sets Clove Shoes apart is their commitment to customization. I have never come across a brand that offers such a wide range of width options.

Being someone with slightly wider feet, this was a game-changer for me. The shoes hugged my feet snugly without feeling restrictive, providing me with the ideal fit and preventing discomfort or blisters.

On Cloud Shoes

The first thing that struck me about On Cloud shoes was their sleek and modern design. Not only do they look incredibly stylish, but they also exude a sense of athleticism and confidence. Putting them on instantly made me feel ready to conquer any challenge that came my way.

When I hit the road with On Cloud shoes, the CloudTec technology truly lived up to its reputation. The individual cushioning pods, aptly called “Clouds,” provided exceptional impact protection and responsiveness.

The Clouds absorbed the shock of each footstrike, allowing me to maintain a smooth and fluid stride. The responsive cushioning, combined with the lightweight design of the shoes, made me feel as though I was running on air, enabling me to reach new levels of speed and endurance.

Another aspect of On Cloud shoes that impressed me was their breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities. As someone who tends to perspire heavily during workouts, these shoes were a breath of fresh air—literally.

The mesh upper allowed for maximum airflow, keeping my feet cool and dry even during intense training sessions. The moisture-wicking properties of the materials prevented discomfort and blisters, ensuring that my focus remained on the run rather than any potential foot-related distractions.

Additionally, the adaptive fit of On Cloud shoes played a significant role in my overall running experience. The stretchable materials and sock-like construction provided a secure and comfortable fit that felt like a second skin.

The shoes molded to the contours of my feet, offering a glove-like sensation and eliminating any potential rubbing or friction. This adaptability allowed me to maintain proper form and foot alignment, reducing the risk of injuries and promoting a more efficient stride.

Pros And Cons

Both shoes have the following Pros and Cons.

Clove Shoes

Customizable fitHigher price
Supportive materialsLimited availability
Shock absorptionLonger break-in period
Variety of styles
Ergonomic design

On Cloud Shoes

Lightweight designLimited arch support
Responsive cushioningNarrow toe box
Breathable constructionPricey compared to some alternatives
Sleek and modern
Versatile for various activities
Good traction
Comfortable fit


After a detailed comparison of Clove VS On Cloud shoes, you will be much more familiar with their features moreover, when deciding between the two, it’s crucial to consider specific factors such as comfort, arch support, foot shape, and intended use.

Clove shoes are suitable for high arches and offer customization for a personalized fit, while On Cloud shoes provide a lightweight feel and responsive cushioning, which makes them ideal for standing or running. 

Whether you prioritize customization, lightweight design, support, or style, both Clove and On Cloud shoes offer compelling options for a comfortable and enjoyable walking or running experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are On Cloud shoes suitable for long periods of standing?

On Cloud shoes are designed to give lightweight comfort and responsive cushioning, making them appropriate for many people who stand all day. The CloudTec technology in On Cloud shoes provides impact absorption and energy return, which can assist alleviate tiredness while standing for lengthy periods of time.

Do Clove shoes come in small sizes?

Clove shoes normally run true to size, but it is always important to consult the brand’s unique sizing guide. To ensure a comfortable fit, it’s critical to precisely measure your feet and consider any unique fitting recommendations specified by Clove.

Are Clove shoes suitable for people with high arches?

Yes, Clove shoes are frequently a good choice for people with high arches. The excellent ergonomic technology and customizable features of the brand, including adjustable insoles and supportive materials, can assist give essential arch support and relieve discomfort associated with high arches. 

What shoes make you feel like you’re walking on clouds?

Clove and On Cloud shoes are well-known for their cushioned and soft feel, which is often compared to walking on clouds. Clove shoes are designed with innovative ergonomic technology and configurable features to deliver a tailored and supportive fit. CloudTec technology is used in On Cloud sneakers, which combines lightweight cushioning with responsive support. These features contribute to the cloud-like sensation and comfort that these sneakers provide.

Are On Cloud shoes good for people with wide feet?

On Cloud, shoes are typically standard width, which may not be suited for people with wide feet. On Cloud does, however, offer several models with more features to fit varied foot widths. To inquire about wide-fit possibilities, check the specific product information or contact the brand directly.

Can Clove shoes assist with plantar fasciitis or foot pain?

Clove shoes are made with features that may assist relieve foot discomfort and give support for diseases such as plantar fasciitis. Advanced ergonomic technologies, supporting materials, and customizable features like adjustable insoles can all help to improve foot alignment and alleviate strain on the plantar fascia.

Are On Cloud shoes appropriate for trail running?

While On Cloud shoes are generally intended for road running and other athletic activities, the company also provides models that are ideal for mild trail running. To meet the needs of trail terrain, these models have additional characteristics like increased traction, robust outsoles, and protective aspects.

Do Clove shoes need to be broken in?

Clove shoes may have a little break-in period to allow the materials to conform to your foot and offer maximum comfort. When compared to more rigid or stiff shoes, this period is usually minimal. It is recommended that you progressively increase the duration and intensity of your wear in order to allow your feet to acclimate to the shoes.

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