Jordan 1 Mid VS High: What’s The Difference?

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Jordan 1 Mid VS High

Jordan 1 Mid VS High: What’s The Difference?

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Do you possess a passion for sneakers or a profound appreciation for fashionable footwear? If so, you’ve probably come across the iconic Air Jordan 1. This iconic shoe has established itself as a timeless classic in the realm of sneakers, captivating the interests of athletes and fashion enthusiasts for decades. 

With a rich history that continues to allure, We will embark on a comprehensive comparison of two popular variations of the Air Jordan 1: the Jordan 1 Mid and the Jordan 1 High.

These sneakers share a common heritage, but they also possess distinct features that set them apart. 

Whether your objective is to make a purchase or satisfy your curiosity about the distinctions between the two,

In this article, I will furnish you with comprehensive knowledge to facilitate an informed decision. 

Hence, without any delay, let us embark on a captivating journey into the world of Air Jordan 1s and discover the distinctive characteristics that set the Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High apart from each other.

History And Background Of Jordan 1

History And Background Of Jordan 1

The Air Jordan 1, commonly known as the “Jordan 1,” made its debut in 1985 and left a significant impression on the sneaker industry and fashion realm, leaving a long-lasting influence.

Crafted by the legendary  Peter Moore, this iconic shoe marked the beginning of a new era, shaping the course of sneaker culture and fashion for years to come.

The Jordan 1 was not just another basketball shoe; it was the brainchild of the collaboration between Nike and basketball superstar Michael Jordan.

After an exceptional first year in the NBA, Michael Jordan had already begun making a notable influence in both the realm of basketball and beyond.

Nike saw the potential in partnering with Jordan to create a line of sneakers that embodied his skill, style, and personality.

When the Air Jordan 1 first arrived in retail outlets, it ignited a groundbreaking transformation within the sneaker business. The shoe was unlike anything anyone had seen before.

It defied the norms of basketball footwear with its bold color combinations, high-top silhouette, and distinctive Nike Swoosh branding. The NBA, though caught off guard, was completely unprepared for such boldness. 

The league had strict uniform guidelines, and the Jordan 1 violated them with its vibrant hues and non-regulation colors.

This led to fines being imposed on Michael Jordan every time he wore the shoes during games, only adding to the mystique and rebellious appeal surrounding the Jordan 1.

Understanding The Jordan 1 Mid and High

Two popular variations that often spark debates among fans are the Jordan 1 Mid and the Jordan 1 High. Even though they belong to the same family, each has distinct qualities and attractiveness.

In this section, I will explore the defining features and history behind these two beloved sneakers.

Jordan 1 Mid: A Contemporary Classic

The Jordan 1 Mid, as the name suggests, sits at a mid-top height between the high-top and low-top versions.

Introduced in 2001, the Mid was intended to offer a more accessible and affordable option while still delivering the essence of the Air Jordan 1. It quickly gained popularity due to its versatility and contemporary design.

The Jordan 1 Mid retains the iconic silhouette that made the original Air Jordan 1 so beloved. It showcases a blend of high-quality components, like genuine leather, soft suede, or synthetic enhancements, ensuring both long-lasting resilience and fashionable appeal.

The mid-top collar provides ankle support while allowing for greater mobility compared to the high-top version.

One of the standout aspects of the Jordan 1 Mid is its vast colorway selection. From classic Chicago Bull-inspired combinations to vibrant and eye-catching releases, the Mid offers something for every style preference.

Its versatility makes it suitable for both casual wear and on-court performance, appealing to a wide range of sneaker enthusiasts.

Jordan 1 High: The OG Legend

The Jordan 1 High, is the original silhouette that started it all. Introduced in 1985, it marked the debut of the Air Jordan line and became an instant classic.

Designed for Michael Jordan himself, the High featured a high-top cut, providing excellent ankle support and protection on the basketball court.

The Jordan 1 High boasts a rich history and numerous iconic colorways. From the legendary “Bred” (Black/Red) and “Chicago” to the striking “Royal” and “Shadow,” each iteration tells a story and carries a unique cultural significance.

The High is revered for its timeless design, premium materials, and attention to detail.

The influence of the Jordan 1 High extends far beyond the basketball court. It played a pivotal role in revolutionizing sneaker culture and transcended the realm of sports to become a fashion statement.

Today, the original Jordan 1 High models are highly sought after by collectors and sneaker enthusiasts, fetching premium prices in the resale market.

In the next section, I’ll explore the Major Differences between Jordan 1 Mid vs High and make sure to stay until the end.

So, let’s start the journey toward finding the perfect Jordan Sneakers that check all the boxes for your needs.

Major Differences: Jordan 1 Mid vs High

To help make the decision-making process easier, here I am providing a detailed comparison table summarizing the key differences between Jordan 1 Mid vs High.

FeaturesJordan 1 MidJordan 1 High
Collar HeightApproximately 4.2 inchesApproximately 6.25 inches
Ankle SupportModerateEnhanced
SizingTrue to sizeTrue to size
Color OptionsWide rangeLimited
Nike Swoosh ColorMatches primary colorContrasting color
MaterialsLeather upperLeather upper
LogoSquare logo on the sideThin logo on the side
Logo on TongueJordan logoNike Air logo
Lace Holes89 (including one near the ankle region)
Resale ValueGenerally lowerGenerally higher
VersatilityVersatile for casual wearRetro appeal, limited versatility
ComfortDecent paddingHeavier padding
Midsole TextureLess texturedMore textured
PriceMore affordableHigher price point

Performance And Comfort: Jordan 1 Mid vs Jordan 1 High

Comfort of Jordan 1 Mid vs Jordan 1 High

In this section, Firstly, I will discuss the performance features of the Jordan 1Mid and Jordan 1 High sneakers, evaluating their qualities, functionality, and suitability for various activities.

Secondly, I will examine the variances in comfort and fit between the two versions to assist you in making a well-informed choice.

Performance Aspects Of The Jordan 1 Mid

The Jordan 1 Mid offers a solid performance package, making it suitable for both on-court play and everyday wear.

Its mid-top design strikes a balance between ankle support and freedom of movement, allowing for quick cuts and agility on the basketball court.

The collar provides adequate stability, reducing the risk of ankle injuries while maintaining flexibility.


In terms of cushioning, the Mid typically features Nike Air technology in the sole unit.

This provides responsive cushioning, impact protection, and a comfortable ride during activities that involve running or jumping.

While the level of cushioning may vary depending on specific models and colorways, the overall performance remains reliable and efficient.


The traction of the Jordan 1 Mid is also noteworthy, thanks to its durable rubber outsole.

The multidirectional pattern ensures a reliable grip on various surfaces, enhancing traction and preventing slippage.

Whether you’re playing basketball or navigating the city streets, the Mid’s traction pattern delivers stability and confidence with each step.

Performance Characteristics Of The Jordan 1 High

The Jordan 1 High, being the original model, possesses a performance heritage deeply rooted in basketball.

Its high-top construction provides exceptional ankle support, making it a favored choice for athletes seeking stability and protection during intense on-court maneuvers.

The extended collar not only helps prevent ankle injuries but also offers additional lockdown for optimal performance.

Cushioning And Impact Absorption

Similar to the Mid, the Jordan 1 High incorporates Nike Air technology in its midsole for responsive cushioning and impact absorption.

This feature ensures a comfortable and supportive ride, reducing the strain on your feet and joints during prolonged wear or athletic activities.

The level of cushioning may differ between iterations, so I suggest you consider specific models when evaluating performance aspects.


When it comes to traction, the High excels due to its robust rubber outsole.

The classic herringbone pattern delivers exceptional grip, allowing quick stops, cuts, and changes of direction on the court.

The High’s traction provides the necessary traction for basketball-specific movements, ensuring stability and control during gameplay.

Comfort And Fit: Mid vs High

Comfort and fit are essential considerations for any sneaker. The Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High offer slightly different experiences in this regard.

Jordan 1 Mid

The Mid, with its mid-top height, provides a balance between ankle support and freedom of movement.

The collar sits just above the ankle, offering a secure fit without restricting mobility. This design allows for a comfortable and snug feel, accommodating various foot shapes.

Additionally, the Mid’s padded collar and cushioned insole enhance overall comfort during extended wear.

Jordan 1 High

On the other hand, the High’s high-top construction offers maximum ankle support and a locked-in feel.

The extended collar provides excellent stability and a secure fit, minimizing the risk of ankle injuries during vigorous activities.

However, I find the High’s collar more restrictive as compared to the Mid’s because I prefer greater ankle mobility.

Design And Aesthetics: Jordan 1 Mid vs Jordan 1 High

When it comes to sneakers, design, and aesthetics play a significant role in capturing our attention and reflecting our style. 

In this section, I’ll conduct a side-by-side visual comparison of the Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High model, explore the diverse colorways and collaborations available for each version, and analyze how design choices impact their overall appeal.

Side-By-Side Visual Comparison

At first glance, the Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High share a similar design language, as they both draw inspiration from the iconic silhouette of the original Air Jordan 1.

However, subtle differences in height and proportions distinguish the two models.

Jordan 1 Mid 

The Jordan 1 Mid features a mid-top cut, with its collar sitting slightly above the ankle. This design strikes a balance between ankle support and freedom of movement, creating a sleek and versatile silhouette.

The mid-top height offers a modern and contemporary aesthetic, making the Mid an excellent choice for casual wear or style-conscious sneaker enthusiasts.

Jordan 1 High 

On the other hand, the Jordan 1 High embodies the timeless and classic design of the original Air Jordan 1.

Its high-top construction extends above the ankle, providing enhanced ankle support and a more traditional basketball-inspired look.

The high collar adds an element of nostalgia and authenticity, making the High an iconic symbol of sneaker culture.

Colorways And Collaborations

Both the Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High boast an extensive range of colorways and collaborations, allowing sneaker enthusiasts to find the perfect expression of their style.

Jordan 1 Mid 

The Jordan 1 Mid offers a diverse selection of color combinations, ranging from classic and timeless hues to vibrant and bold choices.

Nike frequently releases new colorways for the Mid, ensuring a constant stream of fresh options for fans.

Additionally, the Mid often serves as a canvas for collaborations with artists, designers, and brands, resulting in unique and limited-edition releases that further expand its appeal.

Jordan 1 High 

The Jordan 1 High, being the original model, also enjoys a wide array of colorways that pay homage to its rich history.

From iconic color schemes like the “Bred” and “Chicago” to more experimental and contemporary variations, the High offers a versatile palette to suit different tastes.

Like the Mid, the High frequently collaborates with artists and designers, resulting in highly sought-after and collectible releases.

Impact Of Design Choices

The design choices made for the Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High significantly impact their overall appeal and resonance with sneaker enthusiasts.

Jordan 1 Mid 

The Mid’s mid-top height and contemporary aesthetic make it a versatile and accessible option.

Its sleek profile and range of colorways allow for easy integration into various outfits and style preferences.

The Mid’s design appeals to both seasoned sneakerheads and individuals looking for a fashionable and casual sneaker option.

Jordan 1 High 

The High, with its high-top construction and classic design, embodies the legacy and authenticity of the original Air Jordan 1.

Its timeless silhouette and iconic colorways make it a symbol of sneaker culture and an object of desire for collectors.

The High’s design choices resonate with those who appreciate the heritage and history associated with the Air Jordan line.

Materials: Jordan 1 Mid vs Jordan 1 High

Materials of Jordan 1 Mid vs Jordan 1 High

In this section, I’ll explore the materials used in crafting the Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High models, highlighting their unique characteristics and the impact they have on the sneakers’ overall design and performance.

Jordan 1 Mid Material

The Jordan 1 Mid utilizes a combination of materials to achieve a balance between durability, comfort, and style.

The upper of the Mid often features a blend of genuine leather, synthetic leather, suede, or a combination of these materials.

These choices offer a versatile range of textures and finishes, providing a premium look and feel.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather is commonly used in key areas of the Jordan 1 Mid’s upper, such as the overlays and toe box.

Leather offers durability, breathability, and a luxurious appearance, adding to the overall quality of the sneaker.

Synthetic leather

Synthetic leather or synthetic overlays may be incorporated in areas that require additional structural support or unique design elements.


Suede is another material that is occasionally utilized on the Mid’s upper.

Suede offers a plush and textured appearance, adding a touch of luxury and uniqueness to the sneaker.

Its velvety texture creates a distinct visual contrast against the smoother leather sections, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Jordan 1 High Material

Similar to the Mid, the Jordan 1 High also employs a combination of materials to achieve a premium look and feel.

However, the High often showcases a more traditional and heritage-inspired approach to materials selection.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather is the primary material used for the Jordan 1 High, encompassing the majority of its upper.

The use of high-quality leather not only ensures durability but also provides a classic and timeless aesthetic.

The leather may feature various finishes, such as smooth or tumbled, adding depth and character to the design.

Synthetic Leather Or Synthetic Overlays

The Jordan 1 High also incorporates synthetic leather or synthetic overlays in specific areas for reinforcement and unique design elements.

These synthetic materials maintain the sneaker’s structure while allowing for creative color blocking and pattern options.

Impact Of Materials

The choice of materials greatly influences the aesthetics, durability, and overall performance of the Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High.

The blend of materials used in the Jordan 1 Mid creates a modern and versatile sneaker suitable for both casual wear and on-court performance.

The blend of leather, synthetic materials, and suede provides a great balance of durability, comfort, and style. This combination makes the Mid suitable for various preferences and activities, accommodating a wide range of needs and tastes.

In contrast, the Jordan 1 High’s emphasis on genuine leather throughout its upper embodies the heritage and premium nature of the original Air Jordan 1.

The utilization of premium leather not only boosts the longevity of the sneaker but also adds to its luxurious and distinctive allure. The predominantly leather construction further solidifies the High’s position as a timeless symbol of sneaker culture.

Height: Jordan 1 Mid vs Jordan 1 High

Height Jordan 1 Mid vs Jordan 1 High

Now, In this section, I’ll explore the differences in collar heights between the Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High, shedding light on how these variations impact the overall fit, style, and functionality of the shoes.

The Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High, although both adding approximately 2 centimeters of height to the wearer, feature contrasting collar heights.

The Highs boast a taller collar, measuring around 6.25 inches from the bottom of the shoe to the upper part of the collar.

In contrast, the Mids exhibit a shorter collar, measuring about 4.2 inches from the bottom of the shoe to the upper part of the collar.

Jordan 1 Mid

The shorter collar of the Jordan 1 Mid strike a balance between ankle support and freedom of movement.

The mid-top design of a sneaker offers increased ankle mobility, making it suitable for a wide range of activities, both on and off the basketball court.

The Mid’s collar height offers a more relaxed and casual aesthetic while still providing adequate support during everyday wear.

Jordan 1 High

The collar height of a sneaker is a critical factor to consider as it directly influences ankle support and mobility.

The taller collar of the Jordan 1 High provides increased coverage and support to the ankle, making it an ideal choice for activities that require stability and protection, such as basketball.

The extended collar not only helps prevent ankle injuries but also offers additional lockdown, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

Tongue: Jordan 1 Mid vs Jordan 1 High

Both the Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High feature tongues with a similar construction. The tongues are made of a polymer-coated mesh material that offers a combination of breathability, flexibility, and durability.

This mesh material allows for adequate airflow, preventing discomfort from excessive heat and sweat accumulation during wear.


In terms of padding, both models provide a decent level of cushioning on the tongues. The padding adds an extra layer of comfort and helps to alleviate pressure on the top of the foot.

However, it’s worth noting that there is a slight difference in the amount of padding between the tongues of the Jordan 1 Mids and Highs.

Jordan 1 Mids

The Jordan 1 Mids have padding on the tongues that is still adequate but not as heavily cushioned as the Highs.

The padding on the Mids’ tongues provides a comfortable feel without compromising flexibility and freedom of movement.

Jordan 1 High

The Jordan 1 Highs tend to have slightly heavier padding on the tongues compared to the Mids.

This additional padding offers a more plush and cushioned feel, providing enhanced comfort for wearers.

The extra padding on the Highs’ tongues contributes to a snug fit and helps to prevent any discomfort caused by laces digging into the top of the foot.

Sizing: Jordan 1 Mid vs Jordan 1 High

In this section, I’ll discuss the sizing guide for both models and explore the similarities and differences in their overall looks.

Sizing Guide

Both the Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High follow the same sizing guide and are generally considered true to size. It means you can typically stick to your regular shoe size when purchasing either model.

If you have a wider footbed, the Jordan 1 Mid might be a more suitable choice for you.

The Mid’s design offers a slightly roomier fit, accommodating a wider foot more comfortably.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind a narrower fit, the Jordan 1 Highs will still provide a great fit and style.

If your measurements are in between two sizes, I would advise you to choose the smaller size for a tighter and cozy fit or the larger size for a looser and more comfortable fit.

Remember that women’s shoes are generally narrower than men’s, and women’s shoes usually have a slimmer heel area compared to the front part of the shoe. Women can also wear men’s shoes by sizing one and a half sizes down from their regular size.

For example, if a woman wears shoes whose size is 9, it would be equivalent to a men’s size 7.5.

Looks: Jordan 1 Mid vs Jordan 1 High

In terms of looks, the Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High models share a similar overall appearance.

The bottom of both shoes looks the same, featuring the iconic Air Jordan 1 sole design.

Textured Midsole And Lace Holes

One distinctive feature of the Jordan 1 Highs is the textured midsole.

The midsole of the Highs showcases a textured pattern that adds depth and visual interest to the overall design.

This textured appearance sets the Highs apart from the Mids and contributes to their unique aesthetic appeal.

Lace Holes

Jordan 1 Mid vs Jordan 1 High lace holes

When it comes to lace holes, they offer an easy way to differentiate between the Jordan 1 High and Mid models.

The Jordan 1 Mids typically have eight lace holes, providing a classic and streamlined look

On the other hand, the Jordan 1 Highs feature nine lace holes, including one near the ankle region.

This extra lace hole near the ankle adds a touch of visual distinction to the Highs and can be a helpful identifier when comparing the two models.

Swoosh Color And Logo Positioning: Jordan 1 Mid vs Jordan 1 High

Another noticeable difference between the Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High lies in the approach to the Nike swoosh color.

Jordan 1 Mids often adopt a color scheme where the swoosh matches the primary color of the shoe, creating a cohesive and harmonious look.

On the contrary, Jordan 1 Highs tends to use a contrasting color for the swoosh, allowing it to stand out and make a bold statement. This contrasting swoosh color adds an element of visual contrast and highlights the iconic Nike symbol on the Highs.

Logo Positioning

logo positioning  of Jordan 1 Mid vs Jordan 1 High

In terms of logo positioning, both the Mids and the Highs feature the Jordan logo stitched on the collars, showcasing the brand’s heritage and identity. However, the logo on the tongue differs between the two models.

The Jordan 1 Mids feature the Jordan logo on the tongue, further emphasizing the model’s unique identity.

On the other hand, the Jordan 1 Highs display the Nike Air logo on the tongue, paying homage to the original Air Jordan 1 design.

These subtle differences in the textured midsole, lace holes, swoosh color, and logo positioning contribute to the individual character and style of each model. Whether you prefer the textured midsole and extra lace hole of the Highs or the streamlined appearance and color coordination of the Mids, both options offer a distinct visual appeal that caters to different preferences.

Shape Of Logo

Jordan 1 Mid vs Jordan 1 High logo shape

One noticeable difference lies in the Nike logo placement.

The Mids showcase a square-shaped Nike logo. This subtle distinction in the logo design contributes to the unique identity of each model.

The Jordan 1 Highs typically feature a thin Nike logo.

Additionally, the Jordan 1 Highs often incorporate subtle details throughout the shoe. These details may include extra patterns around the Nike logo or additional definitions in the star sign, adding a touch of intricacy and complexity to the overall design.

These small design variations help create distinct releases and collaborations that amplify the hype surrounding the Jordan 1 Highs.

Ultimately, both the Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High offer iconic and stylish looks that have made them popular choices among sneaker enthusiasts.

In the last, I would say whether you prefer the square Nike logo of the Mid or the Thin logo of the High, both models are sure to make a fashion statement and elevate your sneaker game.

Performance Comparison: Sports And Athletics

When it comes to performance in sports and athletic activities, the Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High models offer different advantages and considerations.

In this section, I will analyze the performance aspects of the Jordan 1 Mids, evaluate the suitability of the Jordan 1 Highs for athletic endeavors, and explore the preferences of professional athletes between the two versions.

Jordan 1 Mid Performance

The Jordan 1 Mid, with its iconic design and style, is primarily marketed as a lifestyle sneaker rather than a dedicated performance shoe.

While it is not specifically engineered for high-intensity sports, it still offers decent performance attributes that make it suitable for casual sports and recreational activities.

 Ankle Support

The Jordan 1 Mid provides good ankle support due to its mid-top design, which helps stabilize the foot during movements and provides a sense of security.

The supportive structure of the shoe, including the leather upper, provides a solid foundation and helps protect the foot during lateral movements.

Important Note

Although the Mid’s performance characteristics may not be on par with dedicated athletic shoes, its comfort and versatility make it a viable option for activities such as light basketball, gym workouts, or casual sports.

The cushioning in the midsole, combined with the solid construction, offers sufficient impact absorption and stability for moderate athletic endeavors.

Jordan 1 High Performance

The Jordan 1 High, has gained popularity among athletes for its performance capabilities, especially in basketball.

The Highs are often favored by professional basketball players for their ankle support, stability, and overall performance-enhancing features.

Ankle Support

The Highs’ high-top design offers excellent ankle support, reducing the risk of injuries and providing stability during quick cuts, jumps, and landings.

The combination of premium materials, such as leather or suede uppers, provides durability and support, allowing for enhanced performance on the court.

With its responsive cushioning and solid traction patterns on the outsole, the Jordan 1 High is engineered to deliver optimal performance on the basketball court.

The shoe’s construction, including the midsole and outsole design, is optimized for quick and explosive movements, providing excellent grip and responsiveness.

Professional Athlete Preferences

Professional athletes, especially basketball players, often have specific preferences when it comes to their footwear. While individual preferences may vary, many professional athletes have been seen wearing the Jordan 1 Highs during games and practices.

The Jordan 1 Highs are known for their iconic status, style, and performance attributes, making them a desirable choice for athletes who prioritize both functionality and fashion.

The Highs’ blend of support around the ankle, stability, and features that improve performance has established them as a popular choice among numerous professional basketball players, enabling them to excel on the basketball court.

How To Style Jordan 1 Mid vs High: A Fashion Guide

How To Style Jordan 1 Mid vs High A Fashion Guide

The Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High are iconic sneakers that offer endless styling possibilities. Whether you choose the Mid or the High, these versatile shoes can elevate your outfits and add a touch of streetwear flair.

In this fashion guide, I will explore various ways to style both versions and help you create trendy and eye-catching looks.

Styling the Jordan 1 Mid

Casual Streetwear

Pair your Jordan 1 Mid with slim-fitting jeans or joggers for a casual and comfortable streetwear look.

Add a graphic t-shirt or a hoodie for a laid-back vibe. You can also layer with a denim or bomber jacket to complete the ensemble.

Sporty Chic

Opt for a sporty yet fashionable outfit by pairing your Mids with track pants or leggings.

Add a cropped sweatshirt or a sports bra and layer with an oversized jacket or a windbreaker for a stylish athleisure look.

Dresses And Skirts

Create a juxtaposition of sporty and feminine elements by pairing your Jordan 1 Mids with a flowy dress or a skirt.

The contrast between the sneakers and the dress/skirt will give your outfit a trendy and unexpected twist.

Monochromatic Look

Choose a pair of Jordan 1 Mids in a monochromatic colorway, such as all-white or all-black.

Style them with matching or coordinating pieces in the same color palette for a sleek and cohesive look. Experiment with different textures and materials to add depth to your outfit.

Styling the Jordan 1 High

Street Style

The Jordan 1 High’s bold design makes it a perfect statement piece for street-style outfits.

Pair them with ripped jeans or baggy trousers and a graphic tee. Layer with denim or leather jacket for an edgy and urban look.

Dressy Casual

Elevate your casual outfits by styling the Jordan 1 High with tailored trousers or chinos.

Add a crisp button-down shirt or a sweater for a polished yet relaxed ensemble. This combination blends the athletic aesthetic of the Highs with a more sophisticated touch.

Skirts And Dresses

Create a fashion-forward outfit by pairing your Jordan 1 Highs with a mini skirt or a midi dress.

The juxtaposition of the sneakers’ sporty vibe and the feminine silhouette of the skirt or dress will make a stylish statement.

Colorful Contrast

Make your Jordan 1 High stand out by pairing them with contrasting colors.

Choose bold and vibrant pieces that complement or contrast with the colors of your sneakers. This creates a visually striking and attention-grabbing look.

Remember, personal style is all about experimentation and expressing yourself. Feel free to mix and match different clothing pieces, accessories, and colors to create your unique looks. The key is to have fun and showcase your individuality through your styling choices.

Pros And Cons: Jordan 1 Mid vs High

Both sneakers have the following Pros and Cons.

Jordan 1 Mid

Pros Cons
Versatile stylingLess hype
Affordable price
Wide color options
Comfortable fit
Iconic design
Suitable for casual wear
Durable construction

Jordan 1 High

Classic silhouetteLess versatility
High-top style
Premium Materials
Enhanced ankle support
Retro appeal
Greater resale value
Premium collaborations


I hope now you have a better understanding of the difference between the Jordan 1 Mid Vs High, and moreover, both the Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High have their own unique features and appeal. 

The Jordan 1 Mid offers versatility, affordability, and a wide range of color options, making it a great choice for casual wear. 

On the other hand, the Jordan 1 High boasts a classic silhouette, premium materials, and enhanced ankle support, making it more suitable for those seeking a retro and stylish look.

While the Mids lack exclusivity and hype, the Highs offer greater resale value and collaborations. 

Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your own preferences and desired style, as both sneakers continue to be iconic in the sneaker culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Jordan 1 Mid and High true to size?

Yes, both the Jordan 1 Mid and High generally fit true to size. It is recommended to go with your regular shoe size.

Can women wear Jordan 1 High and Mids?

Absolutely! Women can wear both the Jordan 1 Highs and Mids. For women’s sizing, it is advisable to size one and a half sizes down from their regular size.

 Are the Jordan 1 Mids less comfortable compared to the Highs?

The comfort level of the Jordan 1 Mid and High is subjective and can vary from person to person. However, both models offer decent padding and are generally comfortable for everyday wear.

 Does Jordan 1 High have better ankle support than the Mids?

Yes, the Jordan 1 Highs provide enhanced ankle support due to their higher collar height compared to the Mids. This can be beneficial for those seeking extra ankle stability.

 Are Jordan 1 Mids and Highs suitable for sports and athletic activities?

 While both models can be worn for casual sports and activities, they are primarily designed for lifestyle and fashion purposes. For specific sports, it is recommended to choose performance-focused athletic shoes.

 Are there any differences in the materials used for the Jordan 1 Mid and High?

The materials used in both the Jordan 1 Mid and High are generally similar, including leather uppers. However, specific colorways or collaborations may feature variations in materials.

Can I wear Jordan 1 Mids and Highs with formal attire?

While Jordan 1s are more commonly associated with casual and streetwear styles, they can be incorporated into certain formal or smart-casual outfits for a fashion-forward and unique touch.

Do Jordan 1 Mids and Highs have good resale value?

Jordan 1 High typically has a higher resale value compared to the Mids due to its popularity and limited releases. However, it ultimately depends on the specific colorway, collaboration, and demand.

Can I customize my Jordan 1 Mids and Highs?

Yes, you can customize your Jordan 1 Mids and Highs to add a personal touch. There are various sneaker customization services available that can help you create a unique and customized pair.

Do Jordan 1 Mids and Highs come in women’s sizes?

 Yes, both the Jordan 1 Mids and Highs are available in women’s sizes. Women can choose their appropriate size by following the sizing guide provided by Jordan Brand or trying them in-store.

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