Ariat VS Blundstone: Which Boot Should You Choose? (2023)

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Ariat VS Blundstone

Ariat VS Blundstone: Which Boot Should You Choose?

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Ariat and Blundstone are both well-known brands in the shoe industry, with a devoted following that swears by their products. Both are well-known brands for their durability and style, which makes them ideal for anyone searching for a reliable and fashionable pair of boots.

Ariat boots are generally designed for outdoor use, particularly for activities that demand a significant amount of standing, walking, or hiking. They are popular among farmers, ranchers, and outdoor enthusiasts who require a sturdy and resilient pair of boots that can resist hard conditions. 

On the other hand, Blundstone boots are intended to be more adaptable. They are appropriate for both informal and formal occasions and can be worn for shopping or going out with friends.

History And Background Of Ariat And Blundstone

Before going into a detailed comparison between these two brands I would like to tell you a brief history and background of Ariat and Blundstone.


The brand was founded in 1993 by Beth Cross and Pam Parker, who were both horse enthusiasts and recognized a need for high-quality riding boots. They recognized an opportunity to design a new type of boot that combined traditional Western styling with modern technology and materials, and thus Ariat was born.

Ariat quickly established a reputation for making equestrian-specific boots that were both sturdy and comfortable. The innovative use of materials by the brand, such as sophisticated sole technology and moisture-wicking fabric, made their boots popular among horse riders and other outdoor enthusiasts. Ariat is still a global leader in the equestrian market, but it has also moved into other areas such as work boots and fashion footwear.


On the other hand, Blundstone has been around for considerably longer. John Blundstone and his brother-in-law William Rawson founded the brand in Tasmania, Australia in 1870. Initially, they made tough boots for workers in the harsh Australian outback, but they quickly expanded into other industries such as mining and agriculture.

Blundstone has continued to develop throughout the years, introducing new materials and technology into its boots while retaining a focus on durability and usefulness. They introduced the classic Blundstone 500 boot in the 1960s, which became a mainstay among Australian laborers and outdoor lovers. Blundstone is now a global brand, with boots popular in a variety of industries and environments.

Comparison Table Between Ariat VS Blundstone

Here is a detailed comparison table of Ariat and Blundstone boots to make your decision-making process easier.

TopicAriat Blundstone
Comfort and FitAdvanced technology for support and cushioning – Wide range of sizes and widths available – May require a break-in period

 Anatomical fit for all-day comfort – Limited sizes and widths available – Generally comfortable right out of the box
– Wide range of styles for various occasions – May appeal more to equestrians and Western wear enthusiasts – May not be as versatile for everyday wear
Classic, timeless style that can be dressed up or down – May appeal more to those seeking a rugged, utilitarian look
High-quality materials and construction for long-lasting wear – Resoling options available – May require occasional maintenance and upkeep
Durable construction with slip-resistant outsoles – Resoling options available – May require occasional maintenance and upkeep
Traction and Grip
Slip-resistant outsoles for various terrains and conditions – Advanced traction technology available
Slip-resistant outsoles for various terrains and conditions – Advanced traction technology available
Waterproof options available with advanced moisture-wicking technology
Waterproof options available with advanced moisture-wicking technology
Occasional cleaning and conditioning recommended for optimal lifespan
Occasional cleaning and conditioning recommended for optimal lifespan
Use of eco-friendly materials and practices in some products
Use of eco-friendly materials and practices in some products
Popularity and Demand
Popular among equestrians and Western wear enthusiasts – Gaining popularity in the fashion world
Popular among those seeking a rugged, utilitarian look – Gaining popularity in the fashion world
Advanced technology for support and cushioning – Moisture-wicking and waterproof options available
 Advanced technology for comfort and support – Slip-resistant outsoles for various terrains and conditions – Moisture-wicking and waterproof options available

Please keep in mind that the above comparison table is based on general observations and may not apply to all models or variations of Ariat and Blundstone boots.

Features Of Ariat VS Blundstone Boot

Both brands have their own unique features which are discussed below in detail.


Features Of Ariat VS Blundstone Boot

The materials used in footwear have a significant impact on its durability, comfort, and performance. In the case of boots, the quality of the materials used can have a considerable impact on their capacity to survive diverse weather conditions and difficult terrain.

Ariat Boot

  • Ariat boots are well-known for their long-lasting construction and innovative use of materials. 
  • To make boots that are durable and comfortable, the company uses a range of materials, which include leather, rubber, and synthetic fabrics. 
  • Many Ariat boots include cutting-edge sole technology, such as the ATS (Advanced Torque Stability) system, which gives foot stability and support. 
  • The brand also employs moisture-wicking technology to keep feet fresh and comfortable even in hot or humid weather.

Blundstone Boot

  • Blundstone boots are similarly well-made, with a focus on longevity and practicality. 
  • The company uses high-quality leather and other materials to build boots that are both comfortable and strong enough to resist hard situations. 
  • Several Blundstone boots include the company’s unique Shock Protection System (SPS), which provides cushioning and support to the foot. 
  • Blundstone also employs waterproofing and other technology to build boots that are appropriate for a variety of activities and conditions.

Comfort And Fit

Comfort and fit are two of the most important factors to consider when purchasing footwear. After all, you want a pair of boots that will keep your feet comfortable and supported whether you’re walking, standing, or working.

Ariat Boot

  • Ariat boots are well-known for their snug fit, with many styles featuring ATS technology. 
  • In addition to the gel-cushioned footbed and moisture-wicking lining, some Ariat boots contain a shock-absorbing EVA midsole that helps to cushion the foot over long periods of wear
  • The company also sells boots with a stretch-fit construction, which allows for a snug fit without sacrificing comfort.

Blundstone Boot

  • Blundstone boots are also designed for comfort, with its Shock Protection System which provides enough foot support. 
  • Many Blundstone styles also feature a cushioned midsole and a detachable comfort footbed that can be modified with orthotics for added support. 
  • Some of their boots also have an XRD footbed, which provides additional impact absorption in the heel and toes.
  • Blundstone offers sizing possibilities, as well as a selection of women’s boots.


style feature of ariat vs blundstone

Ariat and Blundstone boots are not only known for their quality material and comfort, but they also offer a wide range of styles to suit a wide range of occasions and interests.

Ariat Boot

  • Ariat boots are available in a number of styles, ranging from classic cowboy boots to sleek riding boots. 
  • Many of their styles have intricate stitching and decorative detailing that add a stylish touch to any outfit. 
  • Ariat boots are also available in a variety of colors, which ranges from classic brown and black to bold shades like turquoise and pink. 
  • Ariat boots are a flexible option for a variety of occasions, from casual wear to dressier events, thanks to their wide range of styles and colors. 
  • Ariat’s hiking boots have a tough, outdoor-inspired appearance, with features such as reinforced toe caps and long-lasting outsoles.
  • Ariat’s work boots feature steel toe caps and durable outsoles that meet safety standards while remaining attractive and functional. 

Blundstone Boot

  • Blundstone boots come in a variety of styles as well but with a more simple and functional look.
  • Its signature Chelsea boot style has become a staple for both men and women, with its simple yet sleek design that pairs nicely with a range of outfits. 
  • Blundstone boots also come in a variety of neutral colors, which include black, brown, and gray, making them an excellent choice for more casual events. 
  • Blundstone sells waterproof boots with a rugged design, but they’re more sleek and minimalist in appearance.
  • Blundstone provides work boots with steel toe caps and slip-resistant soles that may also be worn with more formal work clothing.

Traction And Grip

Both Ariat And Blundstone offer a sole with enough traction and grip to prevent slips and falls, especially on slippery or uneven surfaces.

Ariat Boot

  • Ariat boots are well-known for their tough, long-lasting outsoles, which are designed to provide exceptional traction on a wide range of surfaces. 
  • Ariat boots often have rubber or rubber compound outsoles that are designed to provide slip resistance and grip. 
  • Many Ariat boots also include multidirectional tread patterns for extra traction on uneven surfaces.  
  • Overall, Ariat boots are an excellent choice for people who require a firm grip on a variety of surfaces, such as those who work in construction or in the outdoors.

Blundstone Boot

  • Blundstone boots also have high-quality outsoles with exceptional grip and traction. 
  • Blundstone boots often include slip-resistant Thermo polyurethane (TPU) outsoles that provide a great grip on a range of surfaces, including wet and slippery ones. 
  • The outsoles of Blundstone boots include a unique lug pattern that gives more traction on uneven ground. 
  • Overall, Blundstone boots are an excellent alternative for individuals who require reliable grip and traction in a range of locations, such as those working in kitchens or in outdoors.

Waterproofing And Breathability

Both Ariat And Blundstone offer the right boots for different weather conditions. Waterproofing helps keep your feet dry in wet conditions, while breathability allows air to flow and reduce sweat buildup.

Ariat Boot

  • Ariat boots are well-known for their waterproofing features, with many models including a waterproof membrane or coating. 
  • This keeps feet dry in wet conditions, which makes Ariat boots an excellent choice for those who work or play outside in rainy or snowy conditions. 
  • Waterproofing can sometimes be at the expense of breathability, and some Ariat boots may feel less breathable as a result. This can make them uncomfortable to wear in hot or humid weather.

Blundstone Boot

  • Blundstone boots are also waterproof, with many models including a water-resistant leather upper or a waterproof membrane. 
  • The weather-resistant leather repels water and keeps feet dry in light rain or snow, while the waterproof membrane provides more extensive protection in severe rain or snow. 
  • Blundstone boots are also more breathable than Ariat boots, thanks to the design of the leather upper and the use of breathable materials in the lining. 
  • This makes them an excellent alternative for anyone who requires a balance of waterproofing and breathability, such as those who work or play outside in adverse weather.

Availability, Sizing, And Customer Service

  • Ariat and Blundstone are both well-known companies that provide high-quality boots to clients all around the world. When it comes to availability, both brands are widely available in various countries, with Ariat being more common in the United States, Canada, and Australia, while Blundstone is more widely available across Europe.
  • Both brands provide a wide range of sizes for men, women, and children. Ariat offers a slightly wider range of sizes for women’s boots, which includes half sizes and extended calf sizes. On the other hand, Blundstone has a unique sizing method that can take some getting used to, but once you locate the proper size, they offer a comfortable fit.
  • In terms of customer service, both Ariat and Blundstone have a strong reputation for providing excellent service. Both companies provide guarantees on their boots and have clear return policies if it turns out that a customer is dissatisfied with their purchase. Ariat has a more thorough warranty policy, providing a one-year warranty for any manufacturing flaws, whereas Blundstone only provides a six-month warranty.

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Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Ariat And Blundstone Boots

Cleaning And Maintenance

Ariat and Blundstone boots are famed for their durability and longevity, but proper maintenance is essential to ensuring that they continue to work well. Here I am providing you with some cleaning and maintenance tips for your Ariat and Blundstone boots, as well as strategies to extend their lifespan.


To keep your boots looking their best, you should clean them on a regular basis. Here are a few general cleaning instructions for both Ariat and Blundstone boots:

  • With a soft-bristled brush or cloth, remove any loose dirt or debris from the boots.
  • Wipe off the boots with a moist cloth, paying careful attention to any places with stubborn dirt or stains.
  • For more stubborn stains, try a gentle detergent or cleaning formulated specifically for leather boots. Use the cleaner with a moist cloth and thoroughly rinse with clean water.
  • Let the boots air dry naturally, away from direct heat or sunlight.


In addition to regular cleaning, there are a few extra things you can take to keep your Ariat and Blundstone boots in good condition:

  • Add a leather conditioner or oil to the boots on a regular basis to maintain the leather supple and avoid cracking or drying out. 
  • When applying any products to your boots, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If your boots get wet, fill them with newspaper or a towel to keep their shape while drying. A heat source, such as a hair dryer, should be avoided because it can damage the leather.
  • If the soles of your boots get worn or damaged, consider having them resolved by a professional cobbler. This will help your boots last longer.

Extending Lifespan

Extending the life of your Ariat and Blundstone boots: Here are a few additional tips for extending the life of your Ariat and Blundstone boots:

  • Rotate your boots on a regular basis. Wearing the same pair of boots on a daily basis can lead them to wear out faster. Consider switching between two or three different pairs to help them last longer.
  • Keep your footwear in a safe place. When not in use, keep your boots cool and dry, away from direct sunlight. Avoid storing them in a damp or humid location, since this might cause mold or mildew to grow on the leather.
  • Avoid putting your boots in contact with strong chemicals or solvents. This might cause the leather to deteriorate, reducing the lifespan of your boots.

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Ariat VS Blundstone Boots | Which brand is more popular?

  • Both Ariat and Blundstone are popular boot companies, but Blundstone is more widely recognized and popular in my opinion. The brand has been operating for nearly 150 years, which has given it plenty of time to establish a solid reputation and following. Their famous Chelsea boots have become a fashion standard in many areas of the world, and their tough work boots are popular among both tradespeople and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • As I said that Ariat has acquired a sizable fan base, particularly among horse riders and Western clothing enthusiasts. The company was created in 1993 and has since become known for its high-quality, long-lasting boots developed exclusively for riding and working with horses.
  • Both brands appear to be in high demand, with people seeking out their boots for a variety of reasons. The casual and versatile style of Blundstone has made it a popular choice for everyday use, whereas Ariat’s reputation for quality and durability has made it a popular choice for individuals who need boots for work or outdoor sports.
  • Overall, Ariat and Blundstone are well-established and renowned boot brands, and their popularity is a testament to the quality and style of their products.

Sustainability Practices Of Ariat and Blundstone

Sustainability Practices Of Ariat and Blundstone

  • Many customers are increasingly considering the environmental impact of their goods purchases while making purchases. This is also true in terms of footwear. Ariat and Blundstone, two well-known industry names, have begun to prioritize sustainability in their manufacturing processes.
  • Ariat is committed to implementing sustainable practices throughout the entire company. They have reduced their carbon footprint and waste generation by using recycled products, decreasing packaging, and using renewable energy. Moreover, Ariat has established a program called “Rehome Your Boots,” which allows customers to donate gently used boots to be resold at a discount, thus reducing waste.
  • Blundstone has also taken steps to make its manufacturing operations more environmentally friendly. For their soles, they use recyclable and environmentally friendly materials such as water-based glues and natural rubber. They are also committed to minimizing their carbon footprint through supply chain optimization and waste reduction. Blundstone also assures that its manufacturing methods comply with international environmental standards, including the ISO 14001 environmental management certification.
  • Both companies have made great progress toward sustainability, but there is always space for improvement. One area where they may improve is by using more environmentally friendly materials in their production processes. While both brands employ recycled materials in their products, they could think about adopting more environmentally friendly materials like organic cotton, hemp, or bamboo.

Overall, both Ariat and Blundstone have made substantial efforts toward sustainability, demonstrating their commitment to bringing about beneficial improvements in the sector. As a conscious consumer, it is important to think about sustainability when making purchasing decisions and to support environmentally responsible brands.

Pros And Cons

Both brands have the following pros and cons.


Good tractionLess slip-resistant
Wide range


ComfortableLess breathable
DurableLimited sizing options
StylishNo resole option
Good traction
Easy to wear


I hope you have now got the answer to Ariat VS Blundstone | Which Boot Should You Choose? and thus, Ariat boots may be a better choice if you prefer function and performance in outdoor activities. Blundstone boots may be more suitable if you value style and versatility in your everyday wear.

Regardless of the brand you choose, appropriate maintenance and care can help your boots last longer. Both brands have excellent customer service and warranty policies, with Ariat possibly being somewhat more accommodating in terms of resolving options.

Nevertheless, both Ariat and Blundstone are respected brands with devoted fans, and it’s clear that they each have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. In conclusion, it’s difficult for me to decide on a clear winner because both Ariat and Blundstone have unique strengths and weaknesses. It all comes down to the individual’s personal preferences and needs.

I recommend trying on both brands and determining which one best suits your needs and interests.


What is the difference between Ariat boots and Blundstone boots?

Ariat and Blundstone are two well-known boot brands, but there are some differences. Ariat boots are recognized for their comfort and support, whereas Blundstone boots are well-known for their durability and versatility. Ariat boots often have more advanced comfort technology, such as padding and arch support, whereas Blundstone boots have a simpler design but are manufactured with high-quality materials that make them last.

Are Ariat and Blundstone boots true to size?

Both Ariat and Blundstone boots run true to size, but it’s always a good idea to check the brand’s individual fitting chart before purchase. Depending on the thickness or form of their body, some persons may need to size up or down.

Are Ariat and Blundstone boots waterproof?

Some Blundstone and Ariat boots are waterproof, whereas others are not. Check the boot’s exact model to see if it includes waterproof characteristics, such as a waterproof membrane or treated leather. In excessively rainy weather, even waterproof boots may not keep your feet dry.

Are Ariat and Blundstone boots suitable for hiking?

While both Ariat and Blundstone boots offer certain hiking qualities, they are not specifically built for hiking. For serious hiking, seek boots that are specifically made for the job, with characteristics like a robust outsole and ankle support.

Do Ariat and Blundstone boots come with a warranty?

Both Ariat and Blundstone provide guarantees on their boots, however, the details differ based on the model and country. In general, the warranty covers flaws in materials or workmanship for a certain period of time. It is important to thoroughly read the warranty information and follow any claim guidelines.

What is the return policy for Ariat and Blundstone boots?

Return policies for Ariat and Blundstone boots may differ based on where they were purchased. When making a purchase, it is important to review the retailer’s return policy. In most cases, boots must be returned in their original condition, with all tags and packing, within a set deadline. Some stores may provide free returns, whereas others may demand a fee.

Is it possible to resole my Ariat or Blundstone boots?

Ariat and Blundstone boots can both be resoled. Resoling your boots might increase their life and save you money in the long term. To assure proper repair, take your boots to a competent cobbler or shoe repair shop.

Can I wear Ariat and Blundstone boots in hot weather?

Both Ariat and Blundstone boots are breathable and lightweight, making them suitable for wearing in hot weather. Yet, it is critical to select the appropriate model for the weather conditions you will be wearing them in. Certain Ariat boots feature moisture-wicking technology to keep your feet cool and dry, while some Blundstone boots feature vent holes for increased breathability.

Is it okay to wear my Ariat and Blundstone boots in the snow?

Both Ariat and Blundstone have waterproof choices that can be worn in the snow. Even so, it is important to choose a model with a non-slip outsole capable of providing good traction on slippery surfaces. It’s also a good idea to wear warm, moisture-wicking socks with your boots to keep your feet dry and warm.

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